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Our Recent projects:

Nelson Mandela University

“The new plant will generate 1MW of sustainable electricity and help to shave off our peak demand and reduce by 40% our overall grid demand of 2.5MW on south campus.
The PPA agreement includes that the university will buy the electricity generated from PPA and after 10 years we will take ownership of the plant which will of course bring our power supply costs right down."
-  Prof Ernest van Dyk, NMU photovoltaic research group head.

The plant features a state of the art tracker system which programmes the photovoltaic panels to follow the arc of the sun from dawn until evening and a safety mechanism which flattens them out to reduce obstruction when the Port Elizabeth wind gets to strong. 
The plant consists of 1200 panels across 30 dual-axis tracking systems, plus another 2234 fixed photovoltaic panels, as well as a converter to transform the energy captured from sun’s rays to electricity.

NMU solar plant

PARTNERS: The project was made possible through a partnership between Standard Bank, PPA Company (a subsidiary of Germany based Tagex) and NMU.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Key members of the team behind the plant, Standard Bank Natural Resources Head Berrie de Jager, The PPA Company's Dinesh van der Haar and NMU Photovoltaic Research Group Prof Ernest van Dyk

(Article Source: The Herald Newspaper - Images: Guy Rogers )

Key members of the team behind the NMU solar plant launch on Wednesday from left Standard Bank natural resources head Berrie de Jager, PPA's Dinesh van der Haar and NMU photovoltaic research group Prof Ernest van Dyk Image: Guy Rogers

Tagex South Africa

A hybrid system was installed with two inverters in parallel, enabling a power system capable of supplying 90% of the building's consumption.
In addition the system provides emergency power during load shedding and unplanned power outages.
It is also equipped with a test bank which allows Tagex Energy to test all of our components on site.


Grootvlei Kuikens

This solar energy project was installed in an agricultural setting in the Midvaal area. 

The challenge was to provide maximise solar benefit to the client despite limited and difficult roofing.
The largest portion of the system was installed on a south facing roof, with the panels elevated for a better position.


Meat Choice

This retail installation encompasses a combination of grid-tied and hybrid PV.
Hybrid inverters operate as grid-tied for the bulk of the day but deploy 60kW of stored energy during municipal peak tariff hours in order to reduce the load on the premises during the most expensive hours.
This load-shifting away from peak hours uses a combination of solar generated energy during the day and off-peak energy at night to charge the batteries in preparation for peak hours deployment.


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