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The Process and Operation of a PPA
The PPA Company will design, procure and install a grid-connected photovoltaic system without storage at the proposed premises. The PV system will remain the property of the PPA Company. 
The PPA client agrees to purchase all electricity produced by the PV system to offset consumption from the municipality. Any credits derived from excess electricity exported to the transmission network is for the sole benefit of the client.
The proposed tariff is valid for 12 months from the date of commissioning, after which an annual inflation related escalation will take effect.
The client has, at all times, the option to purchase the PV system, the value of which is stipulated in the Agreement according to a sliding scale. Should the purchase option not be exercised during the term of the Agreement ownership of the PV system shall revert to the client at the end of the Agreement term.
The PPA Company assumes responsibility for the proper functioning and maintenance of the PV system and all costs associated therewith. The client agrees to the installation of an appropriate meter. The client to provide reasonable access to its local communications network in order for the PPA Company to access data from the PV system.
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